Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time is Gold

Clowns in the dining area

Almost 1 month since my last blog and time flies so fast that I was left out.
We all have 24 hours a day yet some people would say "I have no time.." ironic!

Time is precious and important that you cannot buy it back... you cannot even buy
time to extend your day..

Time is life.. if you have time that means you are still living.. and if you have
life you have the liberty to do things that will make you happy or sad.

"The time to be happy is now
The place to be happy is here
And the way to be happy is to make someone happy
And to have a little heaven right here.."

Time is money... and money is what everyone wants..
If you have time you will have the ability to invest and earn money.

Your character will determine how you manage your time.

"Time is like a penny.. you can only spend it once,
So spend it wisely.."

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