Friday, November 9, 2012

Tuding's Beef Tapa

The sun is shining across the blue skies.. birds are chirping to the tune of Payphone by Maroon 5.. as I am walking down the streets of Carmona... I looked at my cellphone and it is already 12:10 noon. Need to fill my empty stomach after my adjustment session with the dentist... I am already as hungry as a dog... ha ha ha probably I can eat the whole elephant for now..

Then a voice is calling me to turn and look right.. well it is not really a voice.. I am probably hallucinating by now.. its the smell of fried pork that will enchant you as you pass by... tsaaaaraaan!! Tuding's.. I need to eat and the smell is very encouraging..

I looked for an empty tables just for one.. then started to order.. pork chop or beef tapa... my head and stomach is betwixt two opinions.. he he he.. OK, I'll try the Beef Tapa for now, "Isang tapa".. I have to pay P58 for meal.. but as the gay cashier said.. "Mamaya na lang po sir.."

Prepared a spoon.. fork.. and a glass of water... drink a tap water straight from the faucet... joke. Of course from the water jug.. After waiting for almost 7 minutes... then here comes my Beef Tapa.. they have cooked it well done.. just like what I preferred even I don't mentioned it. The meal always comes with a sunny side up egg and fried rice... fried rice that seemed to be taken from a half cooked rice grain.. but it tastes good and fills the hungry stomach!

Beef tapa is just right.. what I loved in Tuding's is their vinegar or suka.. hmmmm.. it tastes very good.. probably because it is natural coconut vinegar, just like in our province..

An extra rice will cost you P13.. and will cause your belly to swell 2 inch further.. he he he.. Indeed it was a good meal after all.

Place: Non airconditioned but well  ventilated by electric fans
Can accomodate large groups, they have lots of tables and chairs
Food: Beef Tapa
Price: P58... extra rice is P13
Waiting time: 5-8 minutes
Service Crew: Smiling and Courteous
Overall: Good place to eat

While waiting for the meal to be served

Beef Tapa is served

Closeup view :)

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