Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Filipino Basura Culture

I always walked from our home to the highway in the morning to ride a jeepney to work. I love the fresh air "Hmmmm fresh air.. inhale and exhale..." coming from few trees in our neighborhood. Minus the tricycle running in the streets with smoke belching tambucho and ear popping sound they make.. because it is only 5:00 in the morning.

While walking towards the highway, I came to a part of the street where trash and garbage were all over the street. "What the Hell!! what a sight to behold!!"

It started last June 2013, 1 month before the transition of the new elected politician.. paging Mayor Jaime Fresnedi.. in our place. Street sweepers of the previous administration of Mayor Aldrin San Pedro expected that as the new administration comes they will be replaced, there will be a new head of the ESC department as well as new employees for ESC department.

The results without Street sweepers comes out.. "Tsaaaraan!!" trash and garbage were all over the streets like we see after the fiesta. This only shows that majority of the people in this city throw their trash anywhere they like. "Tamaan sana kayo ng kidlat habang nagtatapon kayo kung saan saan!! Nakakapagpa-init ng dugo eh".. Discipline seemed to be stranger to most of them. You can see plastics from Chichiria, from ice tubig, plastic bottles, paper cups, candy wrappers, cigarette butts and etc all over the place. I feel sad that most of the Pinoy has this Basura Culture figuratively and literally. Figuratively because some Filipinos have no manners - trash talker and attitude.. Literally because garbage is everywhere along the street. They are keen to criticize every political agenda of clowns in the government yet within themselves have no discipline to throw trash in trash bins.

An orderly and clean community is a reflection to how disciplined its citizens are. But sadly.. most of our kababayan never realizes the importance of a cleanliness and orderliness... most of them have this Basura Culture... stinking and gross attitude within themselves.

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