Friday, February 7, 2014

Travel to Singapore with Philippine Airlines

Thank God its Friday!!

There's so much to be thankful for.. :)

I promised committed (this is more appropriate) to myself that I will write diligently every Friday. Hopefully this would become my routine in the weeks to come. 

This week I was given a chance and a privilege to travel again to Singapore. A work assignment given to me by the office to fix something (upgrade of a system). Am I excited? Naah.. It is because the office booked me to travel on 02 Feb, this is a Sunday. Normally I spend the whole day in church during Sundays.

And this Sunday is special because the Single Working Men will present their special numbers in the evening service. The Mulawin Quartet that will be singing Champion of Love.

Anyways back to reality.. I have to travel to SG. I was booked to a 10:25 AM flight, Thank God.. normally they booked me in the 6:00AM flight which is too early..

Philippine Airlines or PAL is now awesome.. the boarding time is on schedule and even the departure time. Before PAL is being notorious when it comes to time.. Palaging Late! (They are always late). The stewardess and flight crew is very courteous and smiling. Plus points for them.

They are also prompt to help when you need something. Plus points again.

And the best thing about PAL is that they have a decent inflight meals.. unlike budget airlines like Cebu Pacific or Jetstar. But they have the same choice of food, Chicken Curry or Fish Fillet. Sawa na ako sa Chicken Curry... ha ha ha because I have been to a tanker vessel with all Indian Crew.. Curry in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening. Easy choice was to choose Fish Fillet. But something is missing.. the Goldilocks cake..

And for the dessert, it was a chocolate ice cream from Magnolia. The stewardess is too generous to give me an extra ice cream.. :D

Hoping someday they will have LCD screens on the chair so that you can choose the entertainment that you like.. But this will have additional cost. :(

Travel to Singapore with Philippine Airlines, all in all is an enjoyable flight.

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