Monday, August 23, 2010

Philippine SWAT

Pulpolice and SWAT (Siyet Walang Aasahang Talino)

Just watched the news a few hours ago..
I am not a professional security officer or a commando but my observations are:

* The location outside the bus is well lighted. Thanks to the media and to
the Police and SWAT. If I am the hostage taker... "Hmmm I can see your moves"
If you are too idiotic enough to have those lights turned ON.

* Negotiators were not trained to handle hostage crisis and anyone can be
present himself as long as he can have publicity. "Hmmmm I will be famous and a hero after this" Fool.

* Pulpolice and SWAT were not well coordinated. "Do you remember any incident they were in sync? Zero!"

* This one made me laugh... One police man grabbed a plastic rope with a diameter of a finger and tied it to the door of the bus. Their intention is to rip the door of the bus. As the rope is pulled by the truck... immediately the rope is snapped!
"Can you really rip a bus door with a plastic rope? Yes if it has a size of my arm. Har har har"
Steel rope with a hook will definitely be the right choice.

* Pulpolice and SWAT were not able to control the location of the hostage scene, before and after. There are civilians in the perimeter watching the live action. There are fans after the hostage crisis and no crowd control.

Guiding Principle
"The way you act is how the way you are trained."

Ultimate Goal
"Zero Casualty"


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