Friday, October 5, 2012

American Dream

Reality of American Dream

An imagination conceived to the very minds people from different parts of the world (including the Philippines) that if you go to America.. dream big.. work hard.. after some time you can have your own house.. a decent car.. a good savings account..  a good family... a month of holiday in a year as a tourist to other countries.. good education for your children.. a house filled with appliances.. an LCD TV maybe.. and living a life in your dream.

There nothing wrong about that dream.. but come now to reality.. only few out of the thousands make to live that dream. Specially how the banking system of America operates.. how the government squeezes the tax out of its citizens.. how many Americans lives in a materialistic manner.. sad but true.

One piece of advice from a mentor.. "Don't live over your budget to save you from troubles."

Nod from the statue of Thomas Jefferson.. "This is Americaaaa!!" - coool!

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