Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NAIA Terminal 1 voted 'Worst airport in Asia'

Ooops! We did it again! 

Congratulations to the management of NAIA Terminal 1!!
It always boils down to the management of NAIA Terminal 1. They are the policy makers.. they are the one who will implement rules and standards to the staff, workers, porters, drivers, janitor, passengers, or any person in NAIA Terminal 1. Unfortunately they themselves have this culture and mind set that.. "Pwede na yan.." "Hayaan mo na yan.." It lacks decency and order.. so much the more about discipline.

People of the Philippines will definitely obey if management is firm enough to implement a high standards when it comes to services in NAIA Terminal 1.

Again, Congratulations to another feather in the cap!

For more details, please see the links: 

Disorganized taxi lanes, chaotic atmosphere outside the Ninoy Aquino Int'l Airport's Terminal 1, are among the reasons why it was voted 'worst airport in Asia in 2012 by the readers of the online travel site The Guide to Sleeping in Airports. 'With its collapsing ceilings, overcrowding, rampant bribery, and taxi drivers scamming travelers on fares, it's easy to understand why ‘disappointed’ and ‘unbelievable’ are just a few of the words travelers use to describe the place.'


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