Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NAIA Terminal 1 Taxi Drivers: Crocs and Sharks

Last October 6, 2013, Sunday night (no heavy traffic). I queued for the yellow Airport Taxi in NAIA Terminal 1. I was given a dispatch slip by the Dispatcher.. and at the same time telling me.. "Sir baka pwedeng makahingi sa inyo kahit pang kape lang po.. naglalambing lang sa inyo sir."  I just ignored the Dispatcher and went in to the yellow taxi. But in my mind "Garapalan na talaga ngayon ang paghihingi ng mga ito.. Ganun na ba kababa yung kinikita nila para gawin nila ito?" It seems that they are beggars on uniform, not good for tourists or visitors.. even to Filipino passengers.

As I went in to the taxi, the taxi driver asked me.. "Saan po kayo sir?" Me: "Sa Muntinlupa."

Taxi driver"Sir fixed rate na po doon kasi out of Metro Manila na yun."
Me: "I metro mo kasi airport metered taxi ito di ba." (Muntinlupa is still within Metro Manila. I don't have any idea where they got the idea that Muntinlupa is out of Metro Manila.)

Taxi driver: "Lugi po kami nyan kasi kapag ganyan fixed rate na talaga. Kawawa naman kaming mga driver, kawawa naman po pamilya namin."
Me: (This is the same dramatic story over and over again with taxi drivers. They are looking for sympathy and in the back of their minds all people with huge bags have tons of money in their pockets and are willing to pay them whatever price the taxi driver wants.) "Palagi naman po akong sumasakay dyan sa airport metered taxi, nagmmetro naman ang sila palagi."

Taxi driver: "Sige na nga." Then he started the meter.
During travelling I was able to ask his name.. Rafael was the name of the driver. I was amazed that the meter was already P600+ in Sucat. By the time we are in Muntinlupa in our house, the meter reading was P930.

I paid P930 and asked for the receipt, he only gave me the dispatch slip (I kept the dispatch slip). As I looked in the dispatch slip, it has different plate number compared to his vehicle and the price of P934.

I told him politely that usually it is P500 at most for metered taxi to Muntinlupa from the airport (I didn't raise my voice), probably he was bothered by his conscience that gave me P300 because he definitely knew that it was overcharged.

I asked for a receipt then he told me that the meter is not printing receipt meaning it is not functional.

What a day!! 

Just a tip when booking for an airport metered taxi.. Ask the driver first if the taxi meter can print receipt, then you will know if the meter is working or not.

Very seldom you can find an honest and dignified taxi driver in the airport. Most of them are crocs and sharks... same as in the government officials and politicos.


Disclaimer: Picture above is from Internet, I do not own it.

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